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Are carpet joins invisible?

A join in a carpet is required when the width of the room is more than the full width of the carpet being 3.6m. The carpet is joined by a line of heat tape, where this is a thickness of the heat tape under the carpet. When a carpet is stretched across the width of the room, the join rises or what is commonly referred to as “peaking.” After time, the high points will flatten due to use, depending on the number of people in the household and use.

Should I glue or float my engineered floor?

Floating is best for Christchurch conditions. This is due to the temperature fluctuations and how the flooring shrinks and expands with temperature changes.

How is laminate and engineered timber installed?

These products are installed using a floating method, under skirting’s and toe kicks, installed over a 2mm underlay. Due to this it is important that you are aware of any fixtures that may not be able to sit on a floating floor such as specialty cabinets or appliances.

Can laminate and engineered timber be installed into laundry and bathroom?

You can install into these areas but it is not recommended, installation and product warranties do not apply.

How important is floor preparation?

The quality of the prep can affect the finish of the installation, bad prep = bad finish and you are more likely to have problems.

What is loose lay vinyl?

Loose lay vinyl is a vinyl specifically designed to lay flat and does not require a glue down installation.

Can you install vinyl over existing vinyl?

Vinyl can be installed over existing vinyl so long as the existing vinyl is well adhered to the floor however regluing vinyl over the existing vinyl is not recommended due to other installation considerations but loose lay vinyl would be highly recommended in this installation.

What is smoothedge?

Smoothedge is a plywood strip attached to the floor installed around the exterior dimensions of the carpet which holds the carpet in place via small metal pins which are fixed into the strip.

What is a naplock bar?

A naplock bar is an aluminium bar which enables the transition between carpet and vinyl. The word naplock refers to the locking of the carpet nap (pile).

Is a measure and quote free?

A measure and quote is completely free and there is no obligation to accept the quote.

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